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Gibby Stites

Born Gilbert Stites III in New Jersey, Gibby is 16 years old now and he's been writing raps since age 5. Spent most of his early childhood bouncing from house to house and in and out of DYFS centers, but that bullshiiiiittt dont hold him down any! Started battling in school and around whatever neighborhood he was living in at the time aroud age 9, he bought a mic and downloaded a recording program in 2010 at age 14 and has been locked in the booth ever since! Dropped over 10 EP's, Mixtapes, and Demo Albums under the alias "M-80" within a year span. Once realizing that his rapping and mixing skills were developed enough to start seriously dropping music and persuing his dream, in 2011 he got rid of the gimmick and began using his nickname since birth "Gibby" as his stage name. In September 2011 he dropped the "Dazed and Confused" mixtape which has been given generally positive review, but he was not satisfied. Gibby quickly joined up with producer/rapper KI at KicknIt Entertainment to start work on his debut album "Gillmatic" Due out in February of 2012!
However 7 songs recorded during the Dazed and Confused period were never released, and are to be dropped by the new year as a free EP "JusEff'nAround" in celebration of Gibby signing with Kicknit Entertainment!
Gibby is currently doing collabs for FREE, but that won't be for long so hit him up while theres still no price! send all booking info to

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