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Madd Dogg

Gent Bajko born on 20th June 1995 on Durres,Albania is a Hip Hop music producer. Already producing for big up up-and-coming names in the Hip Hop industry including K.I. and until now it's been for free. I chose the name around 2005 when GTA San Andreas came out and I did missions for the rapper "Madd Dogg". Currently only producing Hip Hop tracks but aiming for Gothic and Soundtracks in the near future.

I think if someone really likes a song on the internet,they'll play it everywhere and that way they'll get the attention of the medias or a label for that artist. Of course,I don't think I'm that good yet so for now the beats are FREE but I'm expecting that soon I'll get money while doing what I love.

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 Madd Dogg: UniverseA.L. Beats & OST

 Madd Dogg's first beat mixtape is out. UniverseA.L. Beats & OSTs. Click the cover to download!

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